We are always looking for people who shares research interest with us and is interested in studying with us in Obata-lab! Please contact Toshihiro Obata (tobata2@unl.edu) for detail.

Current Open Positions (updated September, 2020)
  • One undergraduate research project “Factors affecting multi-enzyme complex formation” is available. The student will conduct micro-scale thermophoresis analysis to identify physicochemical conditions affecting muti-enzyme complex formation. Multi-enzyme complexes are expected to function in metabolic regulation and the aim of this project is to test if the changes of physicochemical environment in the cell can affect the dynamics of complexes.
  • We are continuously looking for undergraduate research assistants who help us on sample processing of metabolite profiling analysis. No specific knowledge and lab experience are required. Work schedule is flexible but at least 2 hours/day, twice/week of work is expected. This will be a paid position. Once you are familiar with the experimental procedure and are interested in having your own research project, there are opportunities to have own undergraduate research project.
  • None currently


Potential Positions
  • We are considering one Postdoc position to identify and characterize multi-enzyme complexes involved in metabolic regulation. Strong background in protein biochemistry is required. The fund is available for the first few years.
  • We are considering one PhD student position to study gene-metabolism-phenotype relationships by metabolomics approaches.


Other possibilities

Please feel free to contact Toshihiro Obata (tobata2@unl.edu) if you are interested in our researches in Obata lab. We can discuss to seek for possible opportunities. Researchers who have own project ideas closely related with our research topics are also welcomed to discuss.